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Can I design something and use the Stangbangerz name or logo?

No, not without written pre-approval from a Stangbangerz LLC Administrator. Stangbangerz is a LLC registered with the Ohio Secretary of State. The word "stangbangerz" is also trademarked through the Ohio Secretary of State. This makes Stangbangerz a limited liability company and any unauthorized use of the Stangbangerz name or logo is against the law and subject to prosecution. If you have an idea that could potentially include the Stangbangerz name or logo, please contact the administration in advance prior to beginning your project.

SBZ General Forum Rules

[B][SIZE=6][U] Forum Rules[/U][/SIZE][/B] Rules will be updated on an as needed basis. [U][B]PHYSICAL THREATS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED [/B][/U] Do NOT threaten physical violence to any member, moderator or administrator of this site. [U][B]ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING ALLOWED[/B][/U] People who get email addresses from this site to spam members will be banned. This is a zero tolerance policy. [U][B]HARASSMENT[/B][/U] Harassment is prohibited. Do NOT harass administrators, moderators or other members thru posts, creating threads or using the signature feature. [U][B]MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS PROHIBITED[/B][/U] Multiple accounts registered to the same user will be deleted. [U][B]MULTIPLE THREADS PROHIBITED[/B][/U] Please do NOT post the same thread in multiple forums. [U][B]CURSE WORDS[/B][/U] Please refrain from using curse words. If you absolutely feel the need to drop an F-bomb or some other harsh words, do so in the Rants section or Whipping Room as these forums have warnings in the description. Warnings will be distributed as necessary. Do not curse in thread titles. [U][B]LINK ALL NOT WORK SAFE MATERIAL[/B][/U] Label thread title with *NWS* (not work safe) when posting anything that would normally be covered by underwear. Place these threads in the Media forum. There really is no need to post this kind of material since there are already plenty of other sites for that. Not following this rule can result in loss of privileges to create threads. [U][B]ADVERTISING IN SIGNATURES PROHIBITED[/B] [/U] Do NOT post links, phone numbers or any other contact info for businesses. You may post "Thanks to XXX" if you are a customer, but please keep it reasonable. Only Authorized vendors or sponsors may post links, phone numbers, or contact info. All advertising or sponsor inquiries should be directed to Violations will be deleted without warning. [U][B]SOLICITING PROHIBITED[/B] [/U] This is a zero tolerance policy. Soliciting can mean a. seek to obtain by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application b. petition persistently c. entice or incite to evil or illegal action or d. approach or accost (a person) with an offer of sexual services thru email, instant message, private message or any other electronic means or other contact. [U][B]CREATE THREADS IN THE APPROPRIATE FORUMS[/B] [/U] Please create threads in the appropriate forums. Threads not in the correct forums will be moved by SBZ Moderators. [U][B]THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT[/B] [/U] Minor infractions will result in a "strike". First strike is a warning sent via PM by a mod or admin. Second strike will result in a 7 day suspension of a user account. Third strike will result in permenant banning. Major infractions will be dealt with by Admins on a case by case basis. [U][B]DONATIONS[/B][/U] Donations made will be used to keep this site going and have bigger and better events. Simply click the button to donate with your credit or bank card. All transactions are secure and no card info is passed to SBZ. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate. The amount is up to you. Any help is very much appreciated. Moderators and administrators will enforce all rules. Thank you for visiting, enjoy the site.

SBZClassified Rules

[COLOR="Red"][B][U][SIZE="6"] Classified Forum Rules[/SIZE][/U][/B][/color] classifieds section is fast, free and easy to use. Please read the following rules prior to creating threads in the Classified Forums. Failure to abide by these rules will result in editing and/or deleting of posts. Rules will be updated on an as needed basis. [B][U]BUYER BEWARE![/U][/B] Stangbangerz LLC, its administrators and moderators assume no responsibility in any transaction by any member. Report all good and bad transactions in the Classifieds Feedback section. Do your research before the sale and be honest about what you are selling. [U][B]NO UNAPPROVED DEALER SALES[/B][/U] Only paid advertisers allowed. Contact for info on advertising and how to become a site sponsor/vendor. [B][U]DETERMINING VENDOR STATUS[/U][/B] • A vendor is considered anyone who uses the site to advertise and sell a product or service to make a profit. • In order to sell product or services through a business, the seller must be a vendor. • If you sell more than (4) vehicles a year in the classified section you may be determined to be a Vendor (Ohio State law calls for someone that sells more than 6 vehicles a year to hold a valid Car Dealer's license). • Abuse of the classified forums will be determined by discretion of the Administrators. Users who sell or buy and resell items on a regular basis may be required to become Vendors in order to keep access to the classified forums. [B][U]POST WHEN ITEMS ARE SOLD[/U][/B] In order to reduce clutter, please post that the item is sold. Please list who the item was sold to so that the buyer or seller may be contacted by other members for feedback on the sale. [U][B]DO NOT POST UNLESS INTERESTED IN THE SALE[/B][/U] All posts or comments in the classifieds section not pertaining to the item listed will be removed. The classifieds is not for slamming, bashing or posting opinions. If it doesn't pertain to the item listed, you don't need to post it in the classifieds. There are other forums for that. This is a zero tolerance policy. [U][B]POST EDITING[/B][/U] Posts are not able to be edited after 15 minutes. This avoids a sudden change in price or terms after an agreement. [B][U]THREAD TITLE EDITING[/U][/B] Titles of threads are not able to be edited after 3 minutes. [B][U]POST COUNTS[/U][/B] All posts in the classifieds section will not count toward your post count. [B][U]NO GUN OR WEAPON SALES[/U][/B] will not be involved in any way with the sale of any kind of weapon. [B][U]DONATIONS[/U][/B] Donations are not required for use of the classified forums, but they are encouraged to help keep the classifieds a free service instead of a paid service.

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