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Thread: The DEDPEDAL Hotel, the DEDPEDAL GANG ride again!

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    Talking The DEDPEDAL Hotel, the DEDPEDAL GANG ride again!

    Was one of the funniest night ever... OMG I think we all got about 2 hours of sleep and drank and laught all damn night that night..

    Thanks to Brian's dog, Paul, Mat Vinny and the rest of us and the Indian (middle eastern) guy that ran the place that keep looking out the back curtian at us every 5 mins... and I quote in a middle eastern voice. Beer can yard darts, Vinny broke the bed, Matt keep telling everyone to open the curtains so I could see in and the pepperoni pizza Kevin left all over the side of the hotel.

    Next day...
    Me... yes we are checking out now on the phone to the front desk.
    Him...Ok, Oh your friend is a very bad man! of course he was talking about Kevin.

    It was just a great weekend of friends.
    Just another chapter in the DEDPEDAL memories..

    Enjoy... DEDPEDAL Hotel

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    You must mean some other Kevin... .
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    I crashed to early that night...missed most of the activities.
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    I stayed in that hotel back in the fall of 07 when I was moving back from AZ. The guy stared at me and my Mustang on the trailer behind the moving truck like he knew me, but he couldn't place me.

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    yea you phuckers just had to fuck with the poor dog all night.... :-/
    I'm not afraid that it will be one else is dumb enough to do what I did.

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