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Thread: Project: Doing it myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2-Tone View Post
    You certainly chose the right trans and builder if you're going glide. There are some nasty nasty cars running rpm stuff.
    They're the only one I can choose. They're the only ones who make a trans axle powerglide conversion lol. I think there's like ten C6 Corvettes with a powerglide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draggin50 View Post
    Id like to have one of their TH400 set ups for the Cobra. But it sounds like your going the right direction!
    A th400 would definitely benefit a 3500+lb car. Pg seem to work better on the lighter Corvettes. Plus I'd have to cut the trans tunnel out to fit a th400.

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    I hate to see you cut on it myself. Its going to be a fun car no matter what now. Should fly!
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