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Thread: 6r80 swap

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    6r80 swap

    Looking for info pertaining to doing a 6r80 swap in my 2013 manual 5.0. Any shops near Franklin oh that can re flash the car correctly?
    This is a stock motor big single turbo build. The mt-82 needs to go!!

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    Lot more involved than just swapping the trannys like in the old C6 and AOD days. You may wish to weigh the cost of trading vice doing the swap. Unless you have 20K tied up in the engine alone and plan on keeping the car for the remainder of its life, removing your mods and trading may be the better route and a WHOLE LOT LESS headache.

    Aside from the obvious shifter, pedals, tranny, flexplate, Tranny cooling unit, and torque converter (if you upgrade that during the swap), you will also have to obtain the wiring harnesses, ECM that will integrate with your model (Premium or base GT...and yes it will make a difference) obtain a tune, then get the down load to properly integrate with the existing body module, and ABS module which as I have read may be plug and play or may fight you.

    Then again you may consider doing a 4R70 swap which would be a lot simpler and I believe can still use the manual PCM. Google it. Don't know who locally may handle a 4R70 swap kit that you could talk to.

    If you want first hand info go check out the 2011 section on SVTP. I spent some time reading there before deciding not to go that route and simply remove, trade and reinstall. Makes it easier when it comes time for me to sell as well if I decide to.

    May also wish to introduce yourself in the newbies area so everyone can get to know you.

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    I can help you with the reflash, but you will need an auto computer, it's not that simple anymore. You can't flash a manual trans computer to control the auto, but you can go the other way, and turn off the auto controls. We do that when someone puts a C4 or powerglide behind a new car with factory electronics. But that is a rarity since the new trans will hold a buttload of power.

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