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Thread: 2017 Dirty Dozen Challenge List and Callout Thread

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    It was fun being able too watch.
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    It was a great time for sure! I definitely got beat lol thanks for the race!

    Quote Originally Posted by S281SC View Post
    Yes sir. First of all there was a great group there tonight. And even a host of spouses. Chad, gordon, adam, nick, shayne, walter, matt and probably a couple others that are skipping my mind at 2am (had a trailer flat on the way to cincy and the spare blew on the way home). Started with nick and i running for his #4 spot. Nick redlit and i spun for 60'. We plan a rematch but we ran out time at the track. I gained the # 4 spot. Answering adams call out from this week i managed to hold him off but his car seemed to be picking up steam on the big end. I think he had some clutch trouble but i am sure he will be coming back after somebody on the list. It was great fun tonight. I am glad so many came out.

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