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Thread: Funny issue at the NMRA event - details inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMCPONY View Post
    The guy I sold my Eleanor car to took my car to Brenspeed for a retune and sent a rod through the block while on the dyno.
    There ya go.

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    Brand B needs to use the "Get the bitches" tune!!! LoL (Have you watched that yet Chad?)

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    Think I found it. Pretty funny. Spark plug delete tune....I like it. LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gzbs197 View Post
    So at the NMRA event this weekend , we had a little drama in the Ford Muscle class. One of the cars , a 92 Fox with a coyote and Roush TVS on it , running the 10.5 index , was running a down track rev limiter to basically make sure the car ran a 10.5 pretty much every time. Of course it is a Brenspeed car as well running the full datalogging package. Ford Muscle rules prohibit that stuff and require an engine from the period of the car as well.

    It was brought to the attention of the NMRA staff and we will see what happens. Pretty funny they are de-tuning a 9 second car to run a footbrake class for a max prize of $500.

    Before it was turned off she was running 10.5x's and under. After it was turned off she was running 10.20's to 10.70's

    There was some heated conversations between the NMRA Competition director and a few of the long time FM guy's at the registration trailer. I was a fly on the wall. Be interesting to see what happens next event.
    well i can tell you this, i love brent over there, great guy, but all the racers, especially the super stang class are the biggest bunch of fucking crybabies out there. they tried to get me not allowed to race in florida in the super stang class, just for not having a cage. nothing to do with any performance on the car.

    2 years ago, they got a guy dq'd at norwalk because his line lock was wired to the wrong part of the brake light. make sure you guys bring that stuff up

    at the florida race for first round, i called all their asses out as loud as i could while we were waiting for pairing!

    2011 Mustang GT - 8.75@159 - Built by Finish Line Performance - Milford, OH, Engine by B.E.S. Part's by Team Beefcake Racing for all your late model Mustang and Camaro Exhaust / Supercharger / Suspension and suspension needs.

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