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Thread: June '17 statehouse gun bills

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    June '17 statehouse gun bills

    *** Make your voice heard! ***
    FIVE gun bills have hearings this week in the Ohio House committee on Federalism and Interstate Relations, beginning Tuesday June 20, at 2:00 pm in Room 115 at the Statehouse.

    Please attend if you can, offer testimony if you are so inclined.
    The antis will be out in full force, let us make sure their voice isn't the only one heard!

    As always, if you wish to submit written testimony, we will make sure it gets to the committee. Just message us with your testimony.
    The bills are:
    HB 79 - Provide for firearms training for tactical medical professionals…

    HB 142 - Repealing notification…

    HB 201 - Constitutional Carry…

    HB 228 - Removes duty to retreat and much more…

    HB 233 - Rep. Becker's DEFEND bill, decriminalizes CPZs…

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