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Thread: The Trans Swap Saga - Thanks Mike B for all the support

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    The Trans Swap Saga - Thanks Mike B for all the support

    So I decided to trans swap my car over the winter. 1st trans didnt survive very well so I bought a built 4R70W from BCA Transmissions and sent my Circle D back to get reworked for a 4R70W along a QuickShift 4 controller. Round 2 of this involved a valvebody swap , solenoid swap in determining that the built trans had an issue were when it was in Drive , it thought it was in Overdrive or 4th. Several frustrating weeks of back and forth between builder and controller troubleshooting - final testing determined trans was the issue so another one was built. Swapped in this new trans this week and finally - problems solved!!!!

    I can't thank Mike enough for:

    1. Letting me use his shop and him helping me pull and install 2 transmissions along with numerous drop / drain / fill's when doing the troubleshooting.
    2. Teaching me / showing me / letting me do the majority of the work with his tools and lifts.
    3. Moral support while dealing with this issue.
    4. Making himself available on weeknights after work and on Mother's day even to get this fixed.

    I couldn't have done it without Mike's help as the labor costs would have killed me. That's a racer helping a racer.

    Here are the specs on my trans:

    4R75W Trans
    Modified automatic shift Valvebody
    300M intermediate stub shaft
    8 plate direct clutch
    6 plate performance forward clutch
    4 plate reverse clutch
    Deep finned aluminum extra capacity B&M pan w/drain plug

    US Shift QuickShift 4 controller

    TCI Outlaw shifter

    Circle D 3C Multidisc Billet Converter @3000K stall

    #7 2017 DD Challenge List
    #8 2017 NMRA Ford Muscle
    Whipped 3V SBE

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    That Mike guy sounds like a pretty cool person!
    Photobucket can kiss my ass!!!

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    Mike is the man for sure!!
    2015 Gt

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