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Thread: Looking for a Coyote

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    Looking for a Coyote

    Anyone have a coyote laying around? I have been tossing the idea around for a while now and I think Iím going to go ahead and make the move to a coyote.

    If you have one or have any leads please let me know.

    Also if anyone maybe interested, I will be selling my current motor, Turbo kit, and transmission.

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    wilmington ,ohio
    Car or motor ?
    87 T-Top gt(sold)
    93 Cobra (blk/grey)(sold)
    96 Cobra (blk/blk)(sold)
    93 Gt(put out to pasture)
    93 Cobra #4084(sold)
    2010 kona blue gt(sold)
    2013 ghig gt
    2018 kona blue gt

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad max View Post
    Car or motor ?
    Sorry I wasnít specific. Iím looking for the complete engine. Let me know if anyone has anything or some leads.

    Thanks for everyoneís time

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