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Thread: Anyone Ever Built or Had A Turbo 2.3 Ranger?

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    Anyone Ever Built or Had A Turbo 2.3 Ranger?

    Looking at buying a Ranger for the benefits of having a truck and to have something to tinker with. So that got me thinking what off a SVO Mustang might transfer over and make it a fairly simple bolt on addition. Not looking for something super fast, just something to play with and mess around in.

    So thoughts, opinions, personal experience???

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    A lot of cool ones on Youtube.
    Photobucket can kiss my ass!!!

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    build the stock 2.3 to make it more boost friendly, or find a 2.3t and swap. I would suggest a large VAM and the correct ecu(I forget the code). Can buy a painless wiring kit for it as well if needed.

    Mike Bell has a 2.3 that he put a turbo on if I remember correctly. There is another user on here that has a pretty good understanding of these little things as well, but I forget his name.
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