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Nice pass given you were having clutch slip. Sorry the clutch didn't hold up for you....but you have to admit that the price was right. LOL! Glad you got some use out of it Joe. Hope to see the car make a 10.XX pass next year. You may wish to look at Mantic (sp?) twin disc if they make one for the Cobra. I had good luck with the single disc Mach series from Exedy. Single disc setup but held up well. They rate based on torque level and not HP. Take care.
It’s a great clutch! If I didn’t take it to the track I wouldn’t even consider changing it out. I may just do a RXT upgrade to it as that seems the way to go. The clutch has a great pedal feel and holds well as long you don’t try to do a high rpm drop on it. I’ll probably will wait till next year to try it again. Saving up for a high stall on the Volvo first. Still have to finish that car before I add to the Cobra which is running and driving really well.