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    Why do you have so much hate for anything that is not a mustang?? What does glam'd up fake eurotrash even mean??

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    Looking more like a chance to make some passes Friday night. Rain call is down to 20%.

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings Kenny.

    If a guy wants to own a BMW or a Jaguar that's fine with me. Don't expect me to kiss his ring or be his buddy simply because he rolls up in one. I base a man's character on his merit and credibility, not on the thickness of his wallet or how many European sports cars he can park in his garage. There are plenty of people I respect and admire that can afford a truck load of European sports coupes. But that doesn't mean I admire their taste in cars. Want in on a secret? I do like the Lotus Elan and the Ferrari 308GTS and the 1984 Jag XJS. But I would never own any of them even if I could afford to. The Toyota Supra from 1982 - 1985 is another nice vehicle but I won't be buying one anytime soon.

    I have owned a Mazda RX7, I've owned a Nissan. I've owned a Z28. I've owned Pontiacs, a Lincoln, a Buick, a Mercury, several Chevys, and a lot of Fords. I prefer Fords. Its just that American pie simple. I'm even considering a 13 ZL1 or 13/14 GT500 as my next car. How 'bout that?

    I've worked for two different European Company's over the years. They treat Americans working for them like crap. They only care about our green back dollar. If Europe ever finds itself in another crisis like they did 80 years ago I would support letting them fend for themselves and be over run. There will never be a European label vehicle in my driveway. So that is the driving force behind my disenchantment for European anything.

    As for glam'd up fake eurotrash the term speaks for itself. It's like when the Japanese copy European styling for the purpose of increasing revenue rather than being original. The marketing people have gone to far with the car in trying to appeal to European enthusiasts. They buy one because it is less expensive and then bitch and whine about every little thing like it should be the equal to a car built at a higher level for twice the price.

    I've owned four different body styles of the Mustang. The 13/14 was the right amount without losing its identity. After owning this car for over a year I have determined that Ford went too far. Its no longer a Mustang. It's okay but I don't find myself wanting to jump in it and go for a ride like I did my 14 or 13 or 05 or 02.
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