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Thread: 2019 Dirty Dozen Rules and Discussion Thread

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    Lightbulb 2019 Dirty Dozen Rules and Discussion Thread

    1) A Ford-powered Mustang/Capri with current registration, tags, and insurance.

    Easy enough. Proof of registration, legal tags, and current insurance may be checked before the final 12 are decided so please make sure your car is current in these areas. We don't want someone kicked off the list over something as simple as this. No dealer tags, tags from your buddy, or any car other than yours. Tags/registration must match car in question. Owner may have help building his/her car of course, but they, the OWNER, will race it. No hired shoes to race for them.

    2) Be an active member on this site.

    You don't have to be a post whore. Just show up at some events, participate in the forums, help others build their rides, etc.. There's no membership fees, it's all free. This is just so somebody in another locale doesn't pop up on the site, post a number and expect to become part of the list. Stangbangerz is more than a message board. Its a close knit group of enthusiasts that happen to drive Mustangs. Hell, some of us have other rides/interests too, if you think of this small little section of the net as a message board only, well, you're wrong. Twisted Twins will be allowed on the list from here on out. This site, and this list, exist because of Vinny and TT, it only makes sense to allow it on regardless of where it is now located.

    3) Break Rule/No Longer Own Car

    If you break (have a catastrophic failure of some sort, like blowing your engine up) post up that you have done so and need to be removed from the list. This also applies if you sell your car.

    The Dirty Dozen has always been on the "Honor System." When you break or sell your Stang, you are suppose to post it up so you can be removed from the list and give your fellow Stangbangerz the oppurtunity to join the list. If you've got a catastrophic failure or sell your car just post up that you've done so. We don't want to have to find out through the "grapevine" that you need removed from the list, just be upfront about it.

    4) Tracks

    Tracks will be opened up to allow board members that travel to other states, and other tracks in Ohio, to be able to use the times from these tracks for the list. We still want at least one SBZ member as a witness for Ets. If no member witnesses the run we will need a way to verify the run as legit (e.g., video, pic of the time slip).

    5) Cutoff Date

    The cutoff date for having your time count for The Dozen will be when the last of the local tracks closes for the year.

    Posts originally posted by vinny5oh, and still apply.

    The intent of the Dozen is to see who has the 12 fastest street legal Mustangs (or Capris ) in the area. Don't make it a bigger deal than it needs to be. Unless we decide to take it to the next level, we're not going to worry about a bunch of rules, who's car is more streetable, blah, blah. Get your asses out there, have some fun, run whatcha brung and hope you brought enough. The end.

    Remember kids, this is for fun, bragging rights and a decal....nothing more. No big money prizes, no sponsorship deals, no trophies....just some good ole boys bringing out their cars and putting a beating on 1320 feet of tarmac!

    The "rules" are posted. I really don't want to get very strict on them. I tried keeping them loose enough so any local Stangbanger could get in on it at anytime.

    DOT tires will not be required. Mufflers for turbo combinations will not be required.

    Hopefully there will be events, get-togethers, cruises, etc., planned throughout the year, get out to them if you can and have some fun. We will once again be trying to have a special Running of The Dozen towards the end of the year. When something becomes official on that we'll let you know so there will be plenty of time to make plans to attend. It's not going to be a mandatory event but we would love to see as many people out there as possible representing Stangbangerz and tearing up the strip! POST UP YOUR TIMES!! Post your time slips, pictures, videos, etc., we want to see it all! It's not a requirement but it makes all of this that much better! This is YOUR list folks. Lets do Vinny proud and fill this list up with a bunch of great racing, good times, and let's get that 9 sec average this year!


    Here's how things ended up last year.

    The Stangbangerz 2018 "Dirty Dozen"

    01. 9.15 @ 152.18 1.36 - Dtony ('11 5.0 with a couple turbos)
    02. 9.61 @ 155.60 1.62 - Silver Bullet
    03. 9.79 @ 137.75 1.37 - chad393na ('95 GTS, 383W w/TW, On3 w/S475, AOD/4R70W, Holley EFI)
    04. 9.80 @ 141.57 1.42 - Walter ('16 GT, P1SC, Pump 93)
    05. 9.87 @ 137.06 1.34 - Walter ('80 Coupe, 347 NA, TKO 500)
    06. 9.89 @ 136.57 1.35 - kennebellcobra (Black '89 Coupe, 363 NA, TKO 500)
    07. 9.91 @ 138.65 1.33 - kennebellcobra (White Coupe, SBE 5.0, S-trim, 3550)
    08. 10.42 @ 134.00 1.53 - Evolved ('03 Terminator, Stock with VMP TVS)
    09. 10.60 @ 135.00 1.65 - 347sc ('11 Mustang, Roush 2.3, Longtubes, E85)
    10. 10.70 @ 133.77 1.86 - draggin50 ('04 Terminator #3653)
    11. 11.20 @ 122.88 1.63 - S281SC ('97 Cobra, 4.6 DOHC, Nitrous)
    12. 11.29 @ 126.00 1.78 - cstreu1026 ('98 GT, Coyote Swap)
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    It's that time again...... Wooooo

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    Hell yeah!!! Im ready!

    Gonna try for a two car list myself! With all the fast cars coming out, I may be lucky to stay at the bottom!
    Photobucket can kiss my ass!!!

    04 Comp Orange Cobra #3653

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