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    Ok, so when I am out and about driving around trying to mind my own business, I get my fair share of people wanting to "race" or what not. Most of the time it's just someone wanting to play around a little and throw me a thumbs up or something like that.

    Then there are the other times when some people lose their damn minds or something, and I ask myself what the hell is going on. I have seen some folks pull some really crazy stuff. Oh, the stories I could tell, lol.

    I am trying to figure out what is so special about my little old 2V that brings out the caveman in people. Do you guys have similar issues?

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    It is a mustang. People assume that you're out to get stupid in it instead of just driving as your normal routine.

    I never have anyone trying to run with me even if I am ready to go light to light. I drive a little rice burner though.
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    They see what they perceive as low hanging fruit maybe?

    Put a turbo kit on that thing and light them up. Plenty of nasty running 2V's out there.

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    Get it all the time. Don't really bother me though as I love to hear them screaming through the gears.
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    I was driving mine the other day top down arm out the window with my wife riding shotgun on the highway going 68 mph. Guy in a cobb tuning wrx (based on stickers) passes me. Slows down and then speeds up. Then drops beside me and starts the hit and let off routine. Blow off valve whooshing every time. I am in my saleen s281sc (tiny roots blower on a 2v with 3.08 gears) so i ask my wife politely if i can embarrass him. She nods approval. I kept my left arm on the window and calmly downshifted to 4th from 5th with my right hand as he was downshifting and taking off. He had half a car on me when i started but within half a second i was pulling him like he was tied to a post. I shifted back to 5th at about 130 mph and slowed back to 80 with him nowhere near. He tried again. Stupid kid. Same result but i did not slow until about 140 to prove he was not gaining on me and i could keep going.

    It happens everytime i am in a mustang. Cobra or saleen or any others i have had. Maybe they all know we as mustang owners will play given enough antagonizing because we are performance enthusiasts at heart. Even when we are just cruising on the highway minding our own business at or near the speed limit they know we are only moments from 150mph.

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    I had to teach some yuppie on Mason Montgomery Road a similar lesson. Thought because his little BMW convertible base series (whatever number they have on them now) came with a rag top and a fat price tag it was fast. He jack rabbited from a stop light and by the time he was trying to figure out what happened, he was catching back up to me. Window down I hollered out to him, "A fat price tag doesn't mean its fast!". His girlfriend started laughing.

    As you younger guys use the term -- "POSER" comes to mind with car owners like this. Cracks me up.

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    I raced Civic SI without knowing it recently in the Cobra at a stop light before I had to pull into my work’s driveway on a two lane road. I was taking off pretty normal and realized he was racing because he continued down the road accelerating over the speed limit while exhaust was buzzing. I’m curious how often this happens?

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