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Thread: 2015+ IRS alignment and specs

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    2015+ IRS alignment and specs

    Hey gang,

    Just got the lock out kit and vertical links on the car today. Also got a hold of BMR and got Kelly's (he's no longer there btw) specs for optimal tolerance specs for camber and toe on the rear as well as the front for N/A and FI applications.

    As for where to go? Brian at Finishline sent me down to Tire Discounters at Batavia on 32 (1169 OH-32 location) just passed Wyler on the same side. Their tech is a 40 year man who still is involved in racing and man is he a perfectionist. He knew exactly why Kelly's tolerances were what they are and he hit them dead nuts. I highly suggest going through the alignment (especially the rear) as the camber spec alone is to be 0 .00 - +0.15 degrees vice the stock negative camber numbers. This only optimizes contact patch on launching when the suspension squats from the weight transfer.

    Below are the recommended specs that came from Kelly Aiken at BMR:

    Camber: -1.00 for N/A and -1.5 for FI
    Caster: 6.00-8.00 range
    Toe: In 0.05 per side, total toe .10 N/A and 0.0 for FI


    Camber: 0.00 to +0.15 range. (as close as possible if zero cannot be achieved)
    Toe: 0.12 in per side, total toe 0.24 (0.10 in per side, total 0.20 if toe bearings installed)
    Thrust angle: 0.00

    In addition to this are some settings for the Viking B358 series rear shocks if you are using them.

    15-17 S550 :

    3C/5R for street comfort
    4C/7R for aggressive street
    6C/9R for track

    18+ S550

    3C/5R for street comfort
    5C/9R for aggressive street
    8C/11R for track

    Hope this helps you out.
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