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Thread: 2020 mustang goals....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NXcoupe View Post
    Buy the registered version of tuner studio, then it's a ton easier
    That is my plan. I have had the free version for a few months now just to get familiar with the software.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kwik92GT View Post
    Should be a fun car. What size trubo did you go with?

    Not bashing the Microsquirt but you might want to consider the Terminator X for the Foxbody, pretty nice unit with a ton of features, only thing I wish it had was the ability to drive low impedance injecotrs.

    I beleive NXcoupe (Mike) is a dealer for them.
    I went with the standard 70 mm journal bearing turbo.

    I like the Terminator X but I already purchased the Microsquirt. Also, the Microsuqirt was a lot cheaper but I know the Terminator has more features and capability.

    Quote Originally Posted by NXcoupe View Post
    Thanks Greg, yes I am, and I can tune megasquirt as I have the licenses for TS and the log viewer too.
    The holley terminator X series is set as a direct competitor for the ms and other stand alones in its price range. I'm tuning 2 of those currently, a 65 mustang and a 90 Grand Wagoneer.
    Good to know. If I have any tuning issues I will send the car to you. I don't think I will have any problems but we will see. I have done a lot of research on tuning and I am only starting the car off on 6 lbs for now. The next step will be a Walbro 450 in the tank, more boost, and E85. That is when it will get fun.

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    Yeah ms is very powerful. I was helping brian with his and talking to shane at stinger about the pimpxs and that's what I'm going with on my 4cyl turbo. Be happy to help you out.
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    Details on Grand Wagoneer please

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    Mike has a lot of good info on the Pimp XS. I was kind of leary about the whole system but after working with Mike, I think it will be ok for the price of it. Im sure the Holley is better but for the price and ease of tuning, its not bad.

    We made a lot of pulls on mine but Im having boost control issues. There is still a lot left on the table and once I get all the bugs worked out, Ill be back for more.
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