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Thread: 2020 Dirty Dozen Challenge List, Rules, and Call Out Thread

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    Lightbulb 2020 Dirty Dozen Challenge List, Rules, and Call Out Thread

    The 2020 Dirty Dozen Challenge

    The Dirty Dozen Challenge is a challenge for spot list, similar to Street Outlaws, and separate from The Dirty Dozen ET list. Each of the 12 spots on this list will have to be "challenged" for. There will be no ETs needed to be posted. Just race results. All spots will be run for in a heads-up type format. This list will be open to all makes and models.

    1) Run whatcha brung! Any make or model allowed, but must have current registration, tags, and insurance. Tags and registration must match car that is being run. No dealer tags.

    2) The Dirty Dozen Challenge Coordinator

    There will be a neutral party picked that will be responsible for keeping track of, and being a part of, all challenges. This person will be fair and impartial and will see to that all races are on the up and up. If there is any controversy about a race the Dozen Coordinator's decision will be final.

    3) Challenges - The list will start with racers holding the spot they ended with last season. As it was last season there will be no "Gate Keeper" that has to be gone thru to get started on working your way up the list, but, you will need to challenge someone from spots 6-12 and beat them to get on the list. Once on the list you can only call out 2 spots above your current spot. If you are in the 10 spot you can challenge for the 8 spot, if you are in the 3 spot you can challenge for the #1 spot, etc.. The CHALLENGED racer chooses the track and day of the race. The race should happen within one week of the challenge. If the challenger legitimately cannot make the date/time set by the challenged, then the Dozen Coordinator may need to come in and find a reasonable solution to make sure the race happens. The Challenged racer has lane choice in chosen race. If the Dozen Coordinator has to set up the track and time to make the race happen, then lane choice will be decided by coin toss.

    4) The Race - Races will be run heads up. Sportsman tree, Pro tree, whatever the racers can agree on. A redlight is a loss. Crossing the centerline of the track is a loss. There will be no "a chase is a race" or anything like that, if both lanes are green, it's a race. This isn't about who can hustle the best. Races will be run on a local track decided on by the racers. Street races will not count towards the list.

    5) Break Rule - There is no "official" break rule, BUT, If you have a catastrophic failure you should probably remove yourself from the list. If you are challenged and cannot make a race due to breakage, you automatically forfeit that race anyway. If you continue to be challenged while broke you will keep dropping spots until you are off the list. Just make it easier all the way around and ask to be removed. When you get car running again you can start challenging for spots again.

    Notice there are no rules about post counts, mufflers, windshield wipers, horns, trailers or anything of the like. The rules are deliberately left "open" to allow the greatest amount of participation. You can be a part of The Dirty Dozen ET List and this list as well. You don't have to decide whether to be on one or the other. We will be trying to put together some Running of The Dozen Shootouts this racing season as these types of events get the most movement on the list and they are a lot of fun.At the end of the season there will be a Dirty Dozen Challenge Shootout, all spots will be locked after this shootout!! This will not be a mandatory event, but non-participation may result in your dropping many spots or even off the list completely depending on challenges. The spot you hold at the end of this season will be the spot you start off with the following racing season. Let's find out who has the baddest street cars in the area! Start making those challenges and good luck to all!

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *************

    The Stangbangerz 2020 "DIRTY DOZEN CHALLENGE" List

    1. 2Fast4U ('90 Coupe, 430 NA)
    2. kennebellcobra ('89 Coupe, 363 NA)
    3. Draggin50 ('04 Cobra, SC)
    4. S281 ('97 Cobra, 4V NOS)
    5. Walter (347, NA, TKO 500)
    6. Gzbs197 ('07 GT, Whipple, auto)
    7. NSkaats (Orange Formula)
    8. NXCoupe ('14 GT, Auto, NA)
    9. Lambo ('97GT, 4V NOS)

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    Ill have to pull myself off of this being that I don't have the Cobra any more. Ill be back with Shannons car this year though.
    1992 Mustang Coupe, 302 with a C4 and a turbo.
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