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    Figured since I had nothing in the garage - not paying these prices - I'd treat myself to some weaponry. Knowing that every time I buy a gun pisses Biden and his crony's off makes it all the more enjoyable. It equates to going WOT in a built hot rod with really loud exhaust as you pass by some loon liberal in his/her Toyota Prius with the typical lib stickers all over it just to piss them off.

    Thought I would share a photo of my brand new Browning T-bolt series .22WMR. Gray stock finish, stainless 21" standard barrel, 10+1 round rotary magazine. And yes the barrel is threaded for a future suppressor. For optics it has a Freedom 350 series Leupold, 3-9x40 rimfire series scope with a fixed paralax of 60yds. I'm looking forward to going out with my dad and giving him the honor of putting the first rounds through it when we sight it in together.

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    Nice! Small caliber bolt guns are fun! Much more affordable to shoot vs the big caliber stuff, and equally as fun IMO.

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    Nice piece!!! Bet that will a be a blast to shoot!
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    Very nice!

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    Thanks. I agree the rimfires are more fun over time and cheaper. I had an old single shot Savage .410/22WMR down home along with my AR15 doing some shooting a month back. The AR is fun, but after 15-20 rounds at .75 a piece on a good day, and the loud report, it loses fun fast IMHO. I didn't want to quit shooting the Savage. It was a blast as always and at about .15 cents a round your at a 5:1 shooting ratio advantage in cost. So 20 rounds of 5.56 FMJ fired is equal to price on 100 rounds of .22WMR (not LR) at .15 a round and much easier on the ears.

    That said I do look forward to putting a round or two through dad Henry .243 sometime. but only a round or two. They want platinum prices for that stuff...if you can find it this time of year at all.

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