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Thread: GREAT deal on Makita Cordless tools Home Depot

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    Thumbs up GREAT deal on Makita Cordless tools Home Depot

    Hey Guys,

    My Bosch cordless drill took a crap yesterday. During the media room build a few years back I borrowed a Makita 1/2" chuck hammer drill from dad to drill and secure the walls to the floor. Ended up using it most of the time as it was a better unit than the Bosch. It was an awesome piece, 3X better than the Bosch unit of equal voltage rating. So I went to HD to see what they had since they are a Makita dealer.

    Turns out Makita is running a deal right now. Buy their 7 1/4" circular saw setup (36v setup using 2 18V 5ah batteries) and you get one of 5 different other tools (tool only) free. plus the saw kit is $100 off at $249.

    I picked the saw up as well as the same hammer drill unit all for $249.00. Saved $249.00 bucks on the package deal. To buy the drill alone is $149 as I recall plus the charging pack and battery which is another $129.

    Deal runs through Fathers Day. Package comes with the saw, 2 batteries, twin charger unit, carry bag, and the free tool you choose.

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    Man that is a deal. I thought I was gonna need a new drill, but turns out the Maikita battery just took a dump and so did the charger. Bought new through Amazon and it works great again.

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    Showed my dad and for once he is jealous of a carpenters/woodworking tool I have that he doesn't. LOL!

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