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Thread: Molloy Roofing great to deal with

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    Molloy Roofing great to deal with

    These guys have been around for 100+ years. Handed down 4 generations now to this day they do not use pneumatic nail guns. The 30 year roof they put on our home last week looks fantastic. While they have been forced to start using subcontractors (they all do on the residential side these days) for the install, they are very particular and use the same guys most of the time. They won't use fly by night groups that use questionable cheap labor. They have a full staff of guys for service repairs and so forth and retain a full install crew on staff for larger jobs and specialty work. Our house has never looked better. Sadly the roof put on only 21 years ago was lifting though it was a 25 year roof and the first roof (full tear off in 2001). Apparently the nail guns were not set right and blew through the shingles which caused the premature failure.

    I have used these guys to reroof my little garage, two roof repairs and now the whole house. Great to deal with.

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    If you are advocating for them, they def must be a stand up outfit!

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    Good to hear.

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