Im posting this here first, as SBZ use to be the place to sell Mustang items; long before FB Market place.

Kooks 1-7/8" Coyote Swap Long Tubes, w/3" Collectors. ($1200 New)
Kooks 3" SS X pipe ($500 New)
Borla XR1 3" Muffler(s) [$150ea]( $300)

Sounds GREAT, works GREAT, Im just going to a Turbo set-up and dont need these items anymore.

When they were NEW.

Pics from 02/15/23

Notice that the UPR "Chassis Savers" are beat up, but the header tubes are spotless!

Slip on collectors

New A Quicktime BH for a Coyote, Tremec/TKO, # RM-6081 ($850)? I got one of those as well.

Better pic coming tomorrow.

Open to offers, but Im thinking, $2000 for all of it.