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Thread: Fix for leaky 8.8 c-clip eliminators

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    Fix for leaky 8.8 c-clip eliminators

    If you run Moser C-clip eliminators (will not work with strange C-clip eliminators) on 28 or 31 spline axles you can use a axle seal to keep them from leaking. It is Napa part #13988...about $12 a piece. I just installed them in my rearend housing tonight....look like they are gonna work like they were made for a 8.8 axle tube. I found this tip while searching around on the corral forums....few other guys that have tried it said it works for them also. Figured I'd pass it along.
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    thanks for the info Jeff. its the little things that can save you a bunch of time.

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    might starve the bearings of there fluid. could burn em up

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    Quote Originally Posted by windsor86 View Post
    might starve the bearings of there fluid. could burn em up
    cant starve a sealed bearing....thats what the eliminators are for..they remove the open lubed cup style bearing with a sealed bearing pressed on the axle.

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